Measures related to corona virus

In the coming days/weeks, the impact of the corona virus on daily life will not diminish. We welcome everyone to our office, but must take some precautions.

We follow the advice of the RIVM in addition to taking personal responsibility for both our team and our relationships.

Appointments at our office will go ahead as much as possible, unless there is some doubt about your health. If this is the case, we kindly ask you to let us know.

In addition, some of our people may be working from home more than usual, not shaking hands with colleagues who are in the office and keeping an appropriate distance. It will also be necessary to temporarily say goodbye to our delicious coffee, chocolate and other treats .....

Our office can, of course, be reached by phone or email. However, we may have more limited accessibility and may not be able to speak to you directly or answer your e-mail.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Team Van der Veer Notary Public