You would rather not be concerned with death. Yet it is very important to deal with it; death is also part of life.

You want to unburden your loved ones as much as possible and make sure there are no arguments over your possessions.

In the Netherlands, the law is very clear about who gets what after death. We can tell you exactly that. If you want to deviate from the law, you have to make a will. In that will you state your wishes and the notary can make sure that your wishes are carried out as you wish.

When drafting your will, we will work with you to determine the best way to pass assets to your partner, your children and/or any grandchildren. How can we streamline the levying and payment of inheritance tax as much as possible? Can we save inheritance tax? Are there certain people you want to exclude in your will or add? Perhaps you want to leave a portion of your assets to a good cause?

We will work with you to discuss your options and include your wishes in your will. This way you can be sure that you have arranged everything properly.

What is your will moment ?

Of course, it is not easy to determine why and when you should have a will made. Life is dynamic. Events affect your life.

Therefore, the Professional Association of Notaries has developed a product: the will moment.

The website willmoment.com helps you think about important events in your life and the possibilities of a will. What do you think is important?

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