Inheritance & Testament

When a loved one passes away, a lot comes at you.

During the difficult time, all sorts of matters must be settled. Did the deceased arrange everything legally? These are matters you need to think about yourself.

All the choices you make come with consequences. You don't really want to think about death. Yet that is very important. Who may inherit from you? Who may possibly absolutely not inherit from you. Who will arrange the funeral?

All things to think about. Some things are regulated by law, but by no means everything.

Therefore, be well informed about the consequences of your choice.

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You would rather not be concerned with death. Yet it is very important to deal with it; death is also part of life. You want to relieve your loved ones as much as possible and make sure there are no arguments about your possessions.


First and foremost, a death brings with it a great deal of grief. Especially during this sad period, many things need to be arranged. There are all kinds of organizational matters, rules, obligations and administrative matters involved. Settling estates is one of the tasks entrusted to the notary as an impartial and independent body.

Settling an estate involves three steps: the certificate of inheritance, the inheritance tax return and the distribution of the estate.


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